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In business, no one accidentally falls to the top, every one of the most powerful business people on the planet clearly admits that they planned their success and are where they are as a result of executing their plan. In the same way you also need to plan your online domination, this is where you need an SEO Marketing Strategy or Keyword Ranking Strategy to assist. An SEO Strategy is created by an SEO Expert who understands the rules of the search engines and how to work with them in order to achieve the best results.

Below is our 5 step framework which was created by our SEO Experts in order to give you a roadmap of how we achieve results. The SEO Manager who is assigned to manage your online campaigns will follow this framework to ensure the best possible success for your business online. 

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Step 1 – SEO Audit

Our Website SEO Audit will give us a strong understanding of where you are at in your SEO journey. We will learn what your Domain Authority Score is, whether your website is breaking any of the major rules of the search engines, who is linking to your websites and finally whether you are currently ranking for any important keywords that you may or may not know about.

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seo marketing strategy

Step 2 – Strategic Planning

Once we have the information about the current state of your SEO we work with you in doing some solid research and creating a plan to ensure your website is appearing for as many of the search phrases possible. We plan the standard pages for success as well as the future blog posts in order to spread the major keywords wide for total success.

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Step 3 – OnPage Optimisation

OnPage (SEO) Optimisation is vital to the ranking of a website, it is also the most overlooked part of SEO. If you want to rank for a search engine phrase and you don’t have it mentioned anywhere on your website you will fail, after all you can’t expect the search engines to read your mind – yet. Having a Website which conforms to the standard Search Engine rules is extremely important.

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Step 4 – Constant Content

Search Engines eat content all day every day non-stop. The Search Engines then use that content to work out who you are and what you’re all about. The more regularly you post quality content the more popular you will become with the search engines. Regularly producing carefully worded, deliberate content which adds value to your website visitors will give your website lots of authority in the search engine world.

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Step 5 – Offsite Authority

Offsite Authority is the spark that ignites the barrel of fuel, the fuel is worth a lot – but more if you put it to use! You get offsite authority by getting links to your site on other websites in your industry or niche – anywhere in the world. The more of these high quality links you have to the more of your different pages the better. The aim is to ensure that the search engines believe you are a popular authority on any subject matter you publish, a thought leader and a source of original content in your industry.

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