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Common Link Building Myths Explained

You can learn a lot from researching link building across the internet.  You may also come across a lot of false information as well.  How do you differentiate between the information you can trust and myths you should bust?  A lot of link building myths exist.  The myths lead to misconceptions and opportunities lost for search engine optimisation professionals and business owners alike.  Understanding the common myths to avoid allows you a higher chance at success.

The proper link building strategy is all you need to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings.  The approach has to be something you follow long-term.  It cannot be something you try for a day and then forget about or even a month.  It is the strategy that has to be developed with a search engine optimisation professional and executed.  The execution will allow you to climb, page by page until you are at the top and receiving quantity and quality regarding internet traffic.  Let us dig into and bust the biggest myths in existence for you to avoid.

Myth 1 – Buy a Few Links and See How It Goes

One of the most common myths that exist is that you can buy some links once and see if that makes a difference.  Many amateur search engine optimisation professionals will tell you to try a few links and see how it goes.  They check on the results of their work and then adapt, but do it at a snail’s pace.  You should not do link building slowly, and it needs to be done aggressively!  

You need to have a realistic idea as to how many links need to exist to get to the top of the search engine rankings.  Using the knowledge of a search engine optimisation professional, you can get to rank on page one, but you need a realistic number of backlinks to get you there.  

An analysis of the links you have as well as the links your competitors have can assist in the process.  You can analyse the top ranking results for keywords you seek success in.  You may realise that competitors have between 75 to 100 backlinks depending on the keyword.  The results of this should dictate what you need to have to get the success you seek.

Myth 2 – Speed Link Building Leads to Poor Results

Another widespread myth that exists in the industry is that link building should not be rapid.  Many think if they do speed link building, adding links at too quick of a pace, Google may drop you in rankings.

There is no harm done at all in building up a large number of links in a short period.  You may be surprised at how quickly links can happen naturally, not even if you are trying to achieve the results.  Think about content that goes viral across the internet.  The viral content can attract a large number of links in a matter of minutes, not even hours or days!  

You can execute link building at a rapid pace without worrying at all Google may hammer you down.  Make the most of the links you have access to and build them aggressively.  When you build dynamically, you will achieve amazing results and get to page one in no time.

Myth 3 – Matching on Anchors is Required

Anchor text is the visible text in a hyperlink you can click.  There is a prevalent myth that you have to match your anchors to the keyword or context exactly.  Rather than matching every anchor on the keyword or link, you want to diversify.  Try to change up the way you are using anchors so that they are more of a mix. 

Over-optimisation of anchor text will create issues for search engine optimisation amateurs.  Do some analysis on your competitors, and you will find that there are a lot of different techniques to use anchors effectively.  Once the review is complete, execute to differentiate and beat out the competition.

Myth 4 – The Relevancy of the Domain Makes an Impact

Many amateurs in the search engine optimisation game believe that relevancy is the most important thing when talking about domain backlinks.  If you are a used auto car dealer and you have backlinks coming from a car parts website, that isn’t exactly relevant.  Backlinks from fellow used auto car dealers or car manufacturers may be more accurate.  Does this matter, though? 

The answer is no as it is one of the most common myths that exist on the internet.

A lot of misconceptions surround link relevancy.  The link does not need to be from a domain that matches the industry or niche market you exist within.  The big thing that matters is more about the context of the content.  If you look at the example, we gave on a used auto car dealer linking to a parts website, which can be perfectly fine.  The parts website may have an article on a used car type you may be selling on the dealer site.  Since the context matches more about what you are driving home with your content, that is considered to be a high-quality backlink. 

Having a diverse set of links coming back to your site can be a very beneficial thing.  The backlinks can lead new traffic to the site you may not have had before.  It can also show search engines the power of your site and how much it is referenced, leading to gains across the search engine ranking pages.

You must have a firm understanding of all the different search engine optimization myths.  Confirming the knowledge of these is pivotal, so you can avoid taking them to heart.  As you learn how to use backlinks effectively and aggressively, you can climb in the search engine rankings in no time.  

The confusion is now cleared up on many of these false myths that exist.   If you have a search engine optimization professional giving you guidance on these myths as if they are fact, look elsewhere.  The experienced professionals understand their false nature and can exploit them to get you the best result possible!


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