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SEO Marketing Strategy

Reasons an SEO Marketing Strategy is critical to your business

The foundation of SEO is having a good SEO Marketing Strategy. There is no question that search engine optimisation is an integral part of marketing and branding. SEO is all about the internet and the internet is ever changing. Many people and small businesses disregard its necessity and its effectiveness. In a world where more information is being shared and business transactions are taking place on the internet, avoiding SEO would be a cataclysmic mistake. As a business owner or a brand marketer, understanding search engine optimisation and developing a strategy for your SEO is vital to the success of your business. Here are four reasons why you need an SEO strategy.

There Are A Number of SEO Elements Involved

An effective SEO Marketing Strategy requires keeping a lot of balls bouncing. The person conducting the SEO must first do quite a bit of research, studying industry trends and keyword phrases and patterns. Additionally, he or she must create content on a regular basis, including blog posts, articles and advertisements. He or she must arrange the on-page elements for the most effective SEO. He must work on off-page SEO elements such as link building.

None of this is done properly without an SEO Marketing Strategy.

With so many elements to keep track of, having a strategy is paramount. You can not possibly manage it all effectively without a plan. To simply throw yourself at the various elements with no plan, or to focus on first one element and then another randomly, would be to ensure failure. And, you are not spending time, money and energy on SEO to have it fail you.

Roughly 15 percent of Google’s 3.5 billion daily searches are wholly unique to the engine. Having a well planned SEO Marketing Strategy is the best way to turn up for these searches and more.

Well Planned SEO Provides Incredible Return on Investment

In an age when you can not go anywhere with out seeing an advertisement, most people have learned to tune advertisements out. This is the reason that search engine optimisation is so good at what it does. When done properly, SEO is not an advertisement. Instead, it follows the principles behind inbound marketing: the customer comes to you.

SEO is not about advertising but about letting the customer find you when that customer is looking for the goods or services you provide. It is about meeting the customer where they are at rather than bombarding them with unwanted promotions. SEO works by providing the consumer with the content they are looking for and then letting them know that there is a business that provides good quality information on the goods or services they are researching – the more of your content they consume – the more you become, in their mind, an authority in your industry. It does not interrupt the online experience of researching and enjoying content, it fits in with that experience. Having an SEO Marketing Strategy will help you to figure out your place in the online landscape so that search engine users can find you more easily.

Competition is fierce.

There are a lot of businesses and websites out there competing for a limited amount of money and attention. And, there are thousands more entering the marketplace every year. Search engine optimisation is what will get you noticed by setting you apart from everyone else.

Believe it or not, 93 percent of all online experiences begin on a search engine.

75% of searchers do not go beyond the first page of search results. The majority of the remaining 25% do not make it past page three. In fact, a whopping 33% of all organic searches go to the first result on the page.

If you do not rank at or very near the top of search results, then there is no point in being in the results at all. That is why it is necessary to craft your SEO Marketing Strategy carefully. Competition is fierce, so it is important to find a foothold. This may include things like trying to rank for keywords that have less competition and building from there. You can’t choose good keywords without research and research is a key part of the strategy building process. There is no hope of beating the competition or even joining the race at all if you do not first develop an SEO Marketing Strategy.

You should also remember that yours is not the only business aware of Online SEO tactics. Other businesses are aware of SEO too. They use it to the best effect they can. And, if your business is newer, you will have less of a domain authority and less of a backlink profile than your competitors. This profile is another way in which the search engines evaluate your content. Anyone who is ranking high in the search results for keywords that you want to rank for is your competitor. And if they are already there, then they have the edge. It is just one more reason why developing an SEO Marketing Strategy is so important.

An SEO Marketing Strategy is a Vital Element in Marketing

It has already been determined that search engine optimisation is an absolute necessity for marketing your business. And, it is, indeed, important. However, it would be a mistake to assume that SEO alone can rocket you into the big leagues. If you want to get into the same arena as big businesses then you have to remember that SEO is only part of the plan.

In order to grow your small business into the much bigger business it can become, you must develop a full-scale digital marketing strategy. This means using search engine optimisation in conjunction with social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, email marketing and other supplemental branding efforts. This is not about which marketing strategy is the best. The truth is, each of these elements can work together in a symbiotic way to create the marketing powerhouse that will bring your brand phenomenal success.

Search engine optimisation is the glue, the thread that weaves through everything, holding it all together. In order to manage such a complex organism, you must have a strategy. That strategy will help you determine where SEO fits in the larger marketing strategy and how to most effectively use it. If you do not take the time to plan your strategy carefully, it can all get away from you.

Having an SEO strategy will give you a firm foundation on which to build the rest of your digital marketing campaigns. It will help you to develop your online profile and build your online credibility. It will also help you to rise in search results which will help you to be seen by more potential customers. Having a strong SEO strategy will ultimately be the corner stone in your digital marketing campaign and help you to build your small business into a thriving company.

What is SEO

What is SEO

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