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Our Partners

Our Trusted Managed SEO Partners

At Managed SEO we love to partner with quality agencies and professionals. We also like to ensure that we are creating win / win opportunities at all times. Thats the reason we created our Managed SEO Partners Program!

Just like our SEO Partners, our reputation is important to us so we look carefully at those we partner with to ensure they have the highest quality standards in their business. We like to ensure that website technology is clean, of a high quality code base and that their practices in business are beyond reproach.

Why Become a Managed SEO Partner?

At Managed SEO Partnerships are important to us, otherwise we would just run a digital marketing agency. We support our Managed SEO partners in their own SEO goals by offering our Membership at a reduced rate of $99 per month! We also offer monthly discounts on our SEO products and even support in learning how to get OnPage SEO right!

Below is a list of the Managed SEO partners, people we have no problem in referring business to. If you have any comments or queries please contact us at your convenience. 

SEO Partners

Amaze Communications – Web Hosting

Amaze have been a part of our SEO Partners Program since the beginning.
Amaze Web Hosting has a long history of looking after clients in everything from Internet connections to business grade Web Hosting. Their Datacentre in downtown Sydney has some of the most advanced technology I have ever seen.

The team at Amaze will live up to the company name, their service levels are high and you can always hear their smile through the telephone!

Amaze is owned by Luke Iggleden who has been running ISP related companies since he was 17 years of age. He has a no BS approach to business and doesnt mince words.

Their pricing may not be as cheap as some of the offshore operators offering $5 server slots but then the service leaves the competition for dead!

If you are stuck for a quality place to host this is the best answer!

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SEO Partners

Five By Five – Web Design

Out of our SEO Partners who offer Web Design, 5×5 are the most expensive, however they offer incredible service and great value for money! This Gold Coast based Web Agency is powered by an epic customer experience system which ensures a smooth design and build of their website projects. The framework they work on is not only client friendly but also SEO friendly.

Five by Five is owned and operated by Jon Hollenberg. Jon has also published a book called “Love at first Site”. Jon has over 12 years in the Web Design industry making him a Key Person of Influence in the industry.

With a starting price of $8,000 + GST they are not the cheapest in the web industry however they offer great value and a stress free process.

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SEO Partners

Icon Digital – Web Design

Icon Digital is one of the SEO Partners we work along side very often! Icon Digital is a Sydney based Web Agency specialising in Web Development, eCommerce and Digital Marketing with experience across a range of industries. Owned by Chris Aoun, a passionate and flamboyant creative that constantly strives to push the limits of what is possible in the digital space. They offer high quality work at reasonable prices and are always keen to take on a project with a challenge. Prices starting @ $3,500

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SEO Partners

Mediamix Promotions – Promotional Products

One of our Oldest SEO Partners, Mediamix has a strong track record of quality and integrity. Since 1996 Mediamix has been offering high quality promotional products to some of the largest companies in Australia. Their team is experienced in sourcing the best quality whilst keeping prices at a minimum. Although Promotional Products are not directly associated with SEO services we have many clients who report back with fond testimonials and notify us that they will be doing more business with Mediamix in the future.

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