Content Marketing Strategy

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing or inbound marketing is the art of writing constant articles for your website which contain the right information as well as the keywords you wish to rank in the search engines. In order to do this right you need to build a content strategy.

What do we offer?

Once your whole website is set up sending the right signals to the search engines and ticking all (or most) of the boxes on the search engines rule lists, we will be ready to start building your OnSite Authority.

The way we build OnSite Authority is publishing high quality content which benefits the reader on your site as often as is possible. This usually takes the form of Blogging.

The problem people face here is ensuring their content is going to contribute toward achieving the goal of top ranking for every keyword phrase identified in the Research Package.

In this Content Strategy Product we will take the keywords from your Keyword Research Report and use them to create a content creation plan for implementation over the next 12 months.

Your plan can be to post a blog once per month, twice per month, four times per month or even 8 times per month.

You will need larger word counts the less you are posting – but every single content addition will help toward your goal of boosting your domain authority and dominating the search engines.

With some of your blogs there will be a natural ranking in the search engines with no effort depending on the competition and keywords.

One we have created your Content Strategy we can go on to use our Content Packages in order to have the content written for you – this gives you back valuable time that can be used elsewhere in your business!


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