Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

With our Keyword Research (or Keyword Analysis) we ask you the right questions in order to start our research on the right foot. We then research your product, client and industry for maximum results. Without SEO Keywords you are lost in the search engines!

We once sold Keyword Research as a stand alone product, how ever we learnt that it is useless without action. The action needed is planning so we combined it into our planning product in order to give the best value. You cant just use the Google Keyword Planner to do this job, its a lot more complicated!

Keyword Research is a very important part of our Step 2 – Research and Planning.

Rank for your industry or local area

Keyword research will give you the raw data you need to know the search engine trends in your industry and local area. It will give you the edge and take away the guesswork involved in ranking a website with no prior online intelligence.

You will need SEO Keyword Research in order to create strong strategic planning that aims you down the right paths to online success, thats the reason this Keyword Research product is so important to your future SEO endeavours.

Find out the type of SEO your business needs

  • Industry / website SEO
  • Local Maps SEO
  • or both!

With Managed SEO you are in complete control, we are here to assist, educate and guide you through the steps. 

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