Onsite SEO Strategy

Our Website Onsite SEO Strategy is adaptable to use in the planning of a new website or the revitalising of your old site!

So what do you really want? Sales Leads.

We know you want to get your website to come up before your competitors for any search phrases related to your product or service – and sometimes you would be surprised what people actually search!

In essence we work with the menu items or pages of your existing website.

SEO Strategy for New Websites

If you don’t have an existing website we will base the Strategy on how we believe your future website should be built in order to leverage the keyword phrases being searched the most. However, planning the content structure of a website should be done in conjunction with a content expert for the sake of User Experience and a quality SEO marketing strategy. Our SEO Strategy services can provide the content expert with all of the information they need to complete their job!

Firstly, we create a SpreadSheet with a record of every single menu item and page of your website, or in the case of large website we focus on the main pages.

Secondly, we marry up the keyword phrases from Keyword Research with the right pages of the website and create recommendations including changes to the web address for each page, slight headline changes, Image tagging, words to blend in with your content and possible outgoing links which could be used in your content.

Thirdly, depending on your plans from there, we can create a simple Document with recommendations on changes for every page of the site in order to align the site with Google and send the right signals for the right results.

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