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SEO Consultant – Scott Nailon

SEO Consultant

Hi, my name is Scott Nailon. I am an SEO Consultant.

Small Business SEO Consulting

As an SEO Consultant, I specialise in Search Engine Domination for Small business. I start by planning the SEO properly, implementing that plan onto the website and then obtaining the right inbound links from other sites all over the internet.

Medium & Corporate SEO Consulting

I also consult with larger businesses who, through bad experiences, have a lack of trust for the SEO Industry or SEO Consultants. I can build a small SEO Department from scratch and set up the team members by training them in their job function.

I also take great joy from training and coaching SEO Managers to manage and implement the SEO strategy for large organisations. 

The Foundations of SEO

As a Web and SEO Consultant of 10+ years, I have found that the SEO Industry is full of sharks and snake oil salesmen masquerading as SEO Consultants. These ‘SEO Consultants’ want you to believe they have the special secret formulae for SEO Success. They want you to believe that no one else can do it like them and that you need to pay constant massive ongoing monthly fees in order to rank in the search engines for your desired industry search phrases. It’s just not quite true.

The fact is there are some simple steps to take in order to impress the search engines and show them what your site is all about. In doing so there is a natural progression up the pages toward the much-coveted first place on the front page. The secret is planning and hard work.

STEP 1 – SEO Audit

You need to know where you are currently at, what’s right on your site and what needs fixing. Its also good to know if you are currently ranking for any search phrases (first page) in order to see what is going well with your website. Any good SEO Consultant will do this using online tools for an overall view of where you are at.

Step 2 – SEO Planning

All success comes from careful planning. Therefore planning each page for success is key. In doing this we look at what the best commercially viable search term is for each main page of your website – and record how many searches that search phrase gets per month on average. We also record similar terms so that we can later rank blog articles and other pages for those search terms. SEO Consultant who do this correctly see consistent results for clients in any industry.

Step 3 – OnPage SEO

Planning is a total waste of time without execution! You need to execute that SEO Planning phase in order to see results. We optimise your overall website loading speed in order to comply with Googles “Pagespeed rules”. Once that is done we go through your site page by page, sentence by sentence, optimising each page for its planned search phrase. We ensure the titles are correct, the images have the right alternate text and more. Its no secret sauce – just good thought and old hard work combined.

Step 4 – Quality Content

We ensure your content levels are up to scratch. This involved analysing how many words you have on each page and determining if there is enough good quality web content. We also have a service we offer to get more written for you if you have no time to do it! A good SEO Consultant will have access to quality content services to ensure you have the quality expected by those browsing your site and the search engines!

Step 5 – Offsite SEO

It’s funny that most SEO Agencies and salesmen start by trying to sell you the last step of the process without the foundational steps you need for success. They often don’t bother with the other steps for the simple reason that its all hard work. However, your offsite authority can start any time and as your planning and on-page SEO gets better you will see movement in the search engines for the planned search terms.

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