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Step 4 – Constant Content

writing websitesKeeping your website constantly pumping out fresh content through blog writing is a great way to become an online authority in your industry, to connect with your customers, earn repeat visits, social media likes and referrals. Many quality experts will tell you that being Prolific beats being perfect. Putting out as much content as you can will help you immeasurably in the long term.

The Power of Regular Article Writing

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  • Most websites have outdated information on them, this is seen afar off by visitors who are browsing websites in your industry.
  • The more often you publish additional content on your website the more relevant you become in the search engines algorithm.
  • As you publish more and more content on your website you Domain Authority will grow, as this happens your desired search engine rankings will move up all together.

In our Content Strategy product we plan your future content, we can also do most of the work for you as well!

Save Time and Money – Let us write it for you!

In Step 2 we created your 12 month content plan. You were given the choice, it could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly blog writing depending on your budget, desired results and how fast you wish to get there. We save you time by having our website content writer create your future blogs for you ahead of time and have them authorised by you and ready to be added to your website by your website administrator. The more content you have in the faster timeframe the more notice the search engines will take of you.

Read this powerful success story of the results given by correctly planned content creation:

We have a client who is in the web design business, they wanted to rank for web design in their local city. We noticed that their blog was almost non existent and that their website was not quite planned to rank for their keywords. So we re-planned their site and did the on-page correctly. Once that was completed we implemented a customised 6 month content plan. We had our team write a blog every month on the topics we agreed upon. 3 months later we received an excited call informing us that their site was bounding on and off page 1 for their keyword. 3 months later they were stable on page two and still even getting too much work to handle at that point! They slowed down on their blogging strategy and shifted their focus to their internal systems in order to get the work load under control!

That is call being ‘Over Subscribed’ and it’s a great feeling!

Understand Constant Content?

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