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Step 5 – Offsite Backlinks

backlinksOne of the most powerful things that will boost your authority in business is when someone notable endorses you as being excellent at what you do, we see this as a strong metric on sites like – where you can endorse those who you are connected with in certain skillsets they have claimed to have, you can also ignore those skillsets you know they are not great at.

Endorsements / Backlinks Are Powerful!

In the same way, you can talk with as much authority as you like on your website, without the right online authority you will seldom get great results ranking for all of your keywords across the board. You need other websites who are considered an authority in a similar area or industry to endorse you by publishing an article on your authority niche and adding backlinks to one of the pages on your website.

The Search Engines listen to who’s talking about you!

It’s all about being industry specific.

When former NRL star, Kangaroo and current National Coach Mal Meninga tells a teenage rugby league player they have potential, everybody around them – and I mean everybody – pays attention!  When Greens Leader Richard Di Natale  says the same thing, we suspect his authority on the topic might need a little ripening. Very few will pay attention.

Google pays attention to who is speaking and what they are saying. Websites speak through content with embedded backlinks and consumers speak through the duration of their visits.

The Power of Backlinks and why you need them.

Once your website has great content and has been optimised internally, it is ripe for the picking – WHEN people come!

Sadly however, the road of building ‘Domain Authority’  can be exceedingly slow.  You could of course pay for Google Adwords, and that has its place when you want results fast, but the price you pay per click may be considerable when all you’re measuring is done. 

The art of getting Backlinks or Link Building has its critics. We don’t deny that and we always shoot from the hip. The simple truth is we know it works because we do it for lots of businesses, on a regular basis, at their continued request. They see the value in it, they see measurable results, and they appreciate the return on their investment. We always watch Domain Authority Climb when we increase backlinks.

So what websites do you want, and how do you get them to link to you? Well we have a large network of relationships with website owners across the world who are quite willing to publish quality content and links on their websites. It is of benefit to both parties.

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