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Small Business SEO


Become a DIY Member!
Get a dedicated Small Business SEO specialist working with you.

Small Business SEO Services need to be managed by an SEO Specialist. When signing up to one of our DIY Membership plans you will have access to our Small Business SEO specialists who are dedicated to achieving your SEO goals.

The SEO Tools We Use

So what would you pay usually for the use of all of the tools we use in order to make it all happen?

Well here are a few of our Small Business SEO tools and their lowest monthly cost.

Keyword Finder is one of the best intel tools on the market, we live inside this program and can run reports for you! From $49USD per month.
SEMRush is a powerful tool – but you would need to learn how to use it! From $99USD per month.
Analytics would cost another $14.99USD per month for the important functions too!

Already just with these 3 tools you would be over $160USD per month ($200AUD). And there are still more tools in our SEO toolbox, then you would need to pay an SEO consultant a minimum of $250 + GST per hour in billable time! So by signing up to a DIY Membership you are already saving money on SEO utilities, having an SEO consultant work with you monthly, its a no brainer really!


Membership Benefits

Project Management

As an SEO agency we juggle many different services for each of our clients, as a result we use an online project management system to keep record of our SEO related tasks. This system ensures we don’t forget your order or deliver it late. 

Rank Tracking

As a part of what we do in small business SEO we need to track where your website is sitting in the search engines for certain keyword phrases, we will send you emails once per week (or monthly if you find the emails annoying) giving you the latest positions of all of your search engine phrases. Be warned, this can get addictive and may cause excitement when our small business SEO work starts getting results!

Website Analytics

Ever wondered how many visitors you have had in the last month? What about where they came from? How many came from search engines vs Facebook? Well now you can know! As a business owner you need to be able to know where your website visitors come from. We have an independent Tracking Software for you to use. It is designed around how you think and its going to make your journey more informed.

Regular Email Reports

We will supply informational reports every month to give you an idea of where you are at in the scheme of things. These reports are perfect for those who have little time and need to quickly compare their status month to month. One report will give you an idea of the traffic going to your website and where it came from. The other report will be the ranking report mentioned in the Rank Tracking above.

SEO Phone Consults

You will be able to book a 30 minute SEO consult with your expert SEO specialist once per month, in this consult we will review the results of previous work, explain the state of your SEO and work with you on your next move in order to get even better results. 

SEO Products

We have a suite of SEO Products and services which we bundle together to grow your online reputation. Each of our SEO products are designed with different levels of intensity and each for a different purpose but all of them are very beneficial to your online authority being built!

Our SEO Products include: Local SEO | Press Release Services | Authority Links | Guest Posting | SEO Boost

* Terms and Conditions. DIY small business SEO Memberships are billed monthly. Invoices are created on the day of the month you signed up and debited from your nominated credit-card 15 days later. If you choose to cancel after an invoice has been debited there are no refunds. Memberships will auto renew for the preselected term once they expire, if you do not wish to renew please inform your SEO Manager 30 days in advance. Once you cancel your membership all associated services will cease to exist and be closed, once data is deleted from these systems it cannot be restored and is lost forever.