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SEO Planning

Step 2 – SEO Planning

seo planningIn our SEO Planning we look at each page of your website and which keywords it could be ranking for. We plan the changes that will be needed in order to best achieve the ranking of your desired keyword phrases for each of these pages. Once the SEO Planning has been completed your site will be ready for authority to be built offsite.  Our SEO Planning Service make all the difference! 

This Product is only available to Autopilot Clients and Strategic Partners

Results Come By Planning

Lets face it, the result that everyone desires is more relevant traffic to their website which converts into new sales leads. In order to get this result we need to know who you want to reach and what they would be searching to find your product or service. This is where our SEO Planning product comes into play.

Strategic planning involves matching ‘keyword phrases’ to your articles and menu structure. It also involves planning how this will continue in the future. In Strategic Planning we look at what each page should rank for and then what changes will be needed on those pages as well as what type of work should be carried out to build offsite authority once the plan is put in place.

Onsite SEO Planning

Once your Keyword Research has been completed we can then get onto working with your current site, your major pages and what they should be ranking for. This is done by analysing all of your pages one at a time and working out which keywords would be best for each page. We record this information for you with suggestions on how your website needs to change in order to best fall in line with the search engine rules and send the right signals in order to get the desired results. This OnSite plan can then be given to your website administrator to update your site for peak performance.

What You Get:

  •  A PDF report (created for Web Professionals) with each page of your website listed, the keywords it should rank for and the changes which should be made on each page.

Ongoing Content Strategy

Once we have your site mapped and planned we then work on an ongoing plan to increase your authority, deliver great content to your potential website visitors and in turn get better rankings for the search terms you desire to dominate.

When your website is publishing high quality relevant content on a regular basis it builds mega points with the search engines, it also gives website visitors something to shape their understanding of your industry.

Often, when you are creating constant content you will find people naturally linking to your best articles as a reference, sharing them in social media or even referring to them in conversations with you whilst engaged on the sales process.

What You Get:

  •  A list of Blog / Content titles, associated keyword phrases and a simple explanation of what should be written. Some Reference Websites / URLs should be listed also.


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