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What is Cornerstone Content

Understanding the Significance of Cornerstone Content in SEO

When building and growing your business website, it is important to have cornerstone content. In general, cornerstone content can be referred to as the articles on your website in which you have the greatest pride.

These content pieces present the best image of your company online. They reflect the nature of your business and communicate your mission and goals to the customers. In addition, they are well-written and professional, ensuring that the readers have a good impression of your commercial operations.

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accelerated Mobile Pages

What is AMP?

There are three basic ingredients that make up an AMP page:

  • Custom HTML: AMP HTML uses custom properties for resources such as images, videos and iframes, and a restricted set of functions.
  • Custom JavaScript: AMP JS makes all external resources load asynchronously. It also requires you to set sizes in the HTML, which means that the page layout is determined before it loads. This means that elements won’t jump around the page as other resources load.
  • Custom Cache: Google’s AMP Cache is a separate cache used to store AMP pages to serve in search results. When pages stored in the cache are served to a user, everything comes from the same location, increasing efficiency.

All three of these elements work together to render pages seemingly instantly.

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SEO Basics – The Concept of Whitehat SEO

The Evolution of SEO: Understanding the Myths and Embracing the Basics

One of the most common complaints that I have heard during my interactions with business owners, freelancers and commercial entrepreneurs is the challenge of keeping up with SEO practices. In simple terms, these professionals feel that staying on top of Search Engine Optimisation is too difficult and limits their ability to maintain this aspect of their business. In fact, most people state that the ever-changing nature of the SEO is the reason why they are overwhelmed, intimidated and uninformed. Unfortunately, this mindset is not only present in people without actual SEO skills of experience. Even seasoned veterans have at one point felt that the landscape of SEO changes too much.

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google my business

Leveraging Google My Business Posts

Google My Business: Understanding the Significance of Google Posts

Google My Business has become an important element for modern businesses, especially young companies. This platform has helped business owners without extensive understanding of search engine optimization gain some advantage from online searches. In simple terms, local businesses can be found conveniently through Google by using My Business, even without investing in advanced websites. The Concept of Google My Business is quite simple.

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OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO

What’s the Difference Between On Page and Off Page SEO?

Together, on page and off page SEO are a powerful search marketing combo. But what’s the difference between these SEO strategies? Read on to find out!

Not all websites are created equally. Estimations put the number of websites at over one billion. Determining how many of them are actually active may be difficult to determine.

The average lifespan of a website is around 100 days. However, there are multiple reasons why someone would put a temporary site, or why a site was abandoned. 

Trying to make your website stand apart from the rest requires strategic planning and in-depth knowledge of best search engine optimization (SEO) practices. In order for your website to rise to the top of search engines, you will need to understand on page and off page SEO.

In this article, we will walk you through the difference between the two.

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Managed SEO Blog

Our Managed SEO Blog is a place you can learn seo foundations, understand how to seo your website properly and ensure that if you do outsource any seo work your head is in the game so that you dont end up losing your money. This blog is also a place we drop little seo tips from time to time, these tips will help your website to become more healthy in the eyes of the search engines and therefore rank better in the long term.