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On Page SEO

Step 3 – OnPage Website SEO

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When attending a business networking event you need to ensure you look after your physical appearance, hygiene and dress. If you show up and you’re not presentable the event is a waste of time. The Search Engines are like a networking event for your website. You must make sure that your Website SEO is clean, looks great and is written with the event and its attendees in mind.

First Impressions Count – Get it right on your site!

Ensuring that your website SEO gives the correct signals to the search engines in advance will give you the edge over most of your competition in advance. When the search engines land on your website their first impressions really count, they will digitally put you in a box right away depending on the words used on your website. Your website will also be rated by the internal search engine ranking system, a system which is not accessible to the public. If first impressions are not good for you it may take some time to show the search engines that you are better than they think.

We have seen it happen time and time again, a website who has great backlinks and a strong Domain Authority but is not ranking for anything they should be ranking for, yet their competitor has very few backlinks and it appearing for all search terms in their entire market!

Global Site Optimisation

Many websites have a lot wrong with them to begin with. The end user wont see it but there are small tweaks that can be made to ensure a website is loading fast enough, has minimal errors and is not code-bloated. A part of our global optimisation is getting these things right. You can test your current website optimisation at to see where you sit.

We only perform global site optimisation on WordPress websites hosted on a cPanel hosting platform. cPanel is the leading hosting technology and used by most quality hosting providers.

Below is an example of a standard site build you would expect from the usual web design company. It is not that they have done it wrong, there is just more work that needs doing for Website SEO Optimisation. We tested the site before we did our global site SEO optimisation and then afterward. You be the judge.

Action Bins is a skip bin hire company based in Sydney, one of our partners built their website and we created a screenshot the two reports before and after our global optimisation work. You will notice the image sizes play a big part in optimisation, special website compression technology also helps with the loading times. To the human eye the loading speed and size is not a major difference – but to the search engines it is a big thing.

Before SEO Optimisation
After SEO Optimisation

OnPage Website SEO is Research & Planning Implemented!

On-page Website SEO involves taking the planned keywords for each page and ensuring they are mentioned just the right amount of times in the right ways in order to send a clear signal to the search engines. This must be done in a non-spammy kind of way which looks natural and non manipulative. This is a foundational part of all small business SEO basics.

At Managed SEO we offer this service to clients who have a clean website build. If you have had your website built using page builders we suggest getting your web designer (or one of our trusted partners) to remove the page builder used instead using a clean method of building your pages. Page builders can add on 500% more work for anyone performing on-page Website SEO.

Correct OnPage Optimisation yields outstanding results:

For example, we have a client who came across from a rather large marketing agency, they had spent close to $100k in 12 months on a website and marketing with less than $10k return on their investment. This agency was known for its constant output of SEO related content on their blog and on social media. However, when we received the site there had been no on page seo done at all, in fact we could tell it had not even been planned. As a result we did Keyword Research + Website SEO Strategy following it with the on page changes for every page on their site.

The results? 4 days later we received an excited phone call from the Director letting us know that a few of his high volume search phrases had made it to the top half of the front page already!

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