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SEO Audit

Step 1 – SEO Audit

A Managed SEO Audit is the foundational move toward improving your reputation and authority in the search engines.

Once our SEO audit is complete we will give you a simple report written in plain english about the current state of play and suggestions on what is needed in the future for you to grow your online reach through the search engines. We use specialised Agency level SEO Checker Software in order to find out as much intel on your website as possible.

We use our suite of online intelligence tools in order to do an SEO test and gather information about:

Online Authority is one of the largest authorities in the Search Engine Optimisation world, long ago they created their own search engine algorithm in order to score the quality and authority of your website – is it called “Domain Authority” and is a score out of 100. Knowing your domain authority is the first step to planning its increase. As domain authority increases your planned SEO keywords and phrases will move toward a position #1 ranking on the much coveted front page of search.

Current Search Engine Rankings

You need to know what you are already ranking for and how many searches it gets, with our SEO Audit we will give you your top rankings and also sometimes identify some easy targets to get moving further toward the front page. 

Quality of OnPage SEO

Without doing your onpage SEO correctly you will have very little chance of a ranking in the current internet climate. We will look into your onpage seo, website loading speed and the overall search engine friendliness of your website.

Backlink Profile

Our SEO Audit will provide you with a surface level report on your backlinks. You will get an idea of who is linking to your site and from which pages of their website. This information is interesting to know and help in the ongoing planning of your SEO Campaign. We can also arrange much deeper reports at a later date if you feel the need.

There are many today who cry out that ‘Backlinking is dead’, to the peril of their customers they don’t look at backlinking. We work with clients to get high quality whitehat backlinks from authority websites every day so we can testify to the power of the backlink.

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