what is seo

What is SEO and how does SEO Work?

What is SEO?

what is SEOAnswering the question ‘What is SEO?’ is not easy, however Managed SEO have answers.

Online business has grown immensely during the past decade, so not surprisingly, the SEO industry has grown significantly also. Some of these players were wiped out after the Panda 4 Google algorithm changes (late 2014) as Panda removed a number of significant ‘cheap’ tools. It hasn’t been a bad thing. The industry was getting shonky and legitimate websites weren’t getting the recognition they deserved. A shake up was needed!

Today, changes continue, and the referees aren’t always clear about how they’re calling the game. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of ’how to do seo’ articles and a range of providers available to you. Some of them are good; some are less so. Let’s consider what will help you navigate the options, take advantage of the opportunities, and avoid the threats.

So, What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. Essentially, SEO is the pursuit of the ‘optimum mix’. Permit me to explain.

Like chemists optimising the fuel mix of an F1 racing car, achieving SEO success is an art and science of testing, reviewing and adjusting in pursuit of the perfect mix. Your site, your industry and your marketplace has a mix of onsite and offsite strategies, design elements and content used in your website. Just as each different F1 racing track may call for slight adjustments to a fuel mix, each website and industry has its own specific challenges. Nevertheless, there are certain consistent items worth understanding.

With online business becoming increasingly important, search engine performance has become a key factor – some would say THE key factor – in modern marketing success. Yet there are still thousands of people per month searching ‘what is seo?’

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SEO Works When You Avoid Extremes

These extreme SEO beliefs are particularly dangerous. Beware and test these assumptions:

  1. Believing middle and top shelf SEO is financially beyond your reach.
  2. Believing bottom shelf SEO strategies will bring lasting results.
  3. Believing SEO is so straightforward you can easily go solo.
  4. Believing SEO is too complex to understand.
  5. Believing a page 1 placing is guaranteed
  6. Believing SEO is all a crock of ‘effluent’.

None of these beliefs are true, so what is seo?

SEO Pricing

We believe when you explore the tools, options and strategies available, and assess them with a view to return-on-investment, there will be something available that suits you and helps you.

This is why ‘Extreme Beliefs’ 1 and 2 are not true.

The simpe fact is that bottom shelf won’t work, and higher shelves ARE available to you.


Can you DIY your SEO? The short answer is, “Yes!”, but why would you go solo?

  1. You’re likely to have a better return on expense letting a specialist do the work.
  2. Too much ‘blog’ advice is out-of-date by the time you read it,
  3. Specialist have access to technologies you don’t have,
  4. SEO outsourcing has many options (or atleast it does with us),
  5. We can measure and analyse not only your performance but also your competitors,
  6. When the algorithm is adjusted you want someone who knows what they’re doing responding quickly to that change. And as Google informs us, this typically happens up to 400 times a year.
  7. A good SEO service will keep you informed and aid your understanding.

Extreme Beliefs 3 and 4 are not true either. You can’t easily go solo, but with the right support, you can understand it.

Guarantees and Scary Tales

Every industry has its shonks; let’s be real about this. We’ve heard some horror stories and seen the back-end of few client’s websites; the horror stories can be true. So be careful.

Don’t deny yourself the genuine through fear of the fake.

Yes, it would be nice to believe SEO was a sham. If true, business owners could reduce outgoings –  and feel good about it too. However, the evidence is in the success enjoyed by those who employ SEO. Success stories should be learnt from, and so should business horror stories.

Here’s a simple tip for becoming avoiding the horror: If a provider tells you they can guarantee a first page position, RUN. They can’t, they dont own Google and you shouldn’t trust them. They are not the referee, they don’t know what your competitors are doing, they don’t know the algorithm and they don’t control the market.

Here’s another: Don’t look for people offering secrets, just experienced, informed and clever practitioners.

Extreme Beliefs 5 and 6 are not true. Yes, SEO cannot guarantee you a page 1 position, but it is still legitimate and effective in improving your position if done correctly. Don’t forget though: someone has to win page 1!

SEO Works When You Embrace Strategy

We’ll break down more specifics in other articles, but weigh these 5 SEO strategy steps. Almost every strategy falls within these major groupings, and thinking in these terms will empower you no matter what packages or strategies you choose to invest in.

What is SEO

What is SEO

Below is a small list of links which will help you in your journey into search engine success, these articles will offer insight and valuable tools to help you leverage the web to its potential.

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