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seo services

SEO Services

SEO Services

At Managed SEO we don’t only specialise in planning and strategy SEO services we also offer a range of SEO services related to offsite authority building.

So once you have your Website SEO Planning complete you will know exactly which keyword search phrases you are aiming to rank each of your pages for. You will then ensure you have the right amount of written content, images and aesthetically pleasing styling in order to make the pages easy to read. You will ensure your heading tags are correct as per the plan so they contain the keyword phrase for that page. Your global site SEO is also optimised so that you are not offending Google in as many ways as possible.

At this point your onsite SEO is ready to be viewed by the judgmental gaze of the Google Crawler Bots. They are like the sentinels from the Matrix movies. They rove around the web looking at websites, analysing them and grading them so that the larger algorithm can do its job.

Now it is time to start creating content, which should be done at 1000 – 1500 words at a time. Constantly publishing high quality content which your potential customers find useful to their buying journey is going to make all the difference. The word count of your site going higher and higher every week or month will also help you get recognition from the search engines too!

Once you have this in motion, a motion which should never stop, it is time to look at offsite authority.

Offsite Authority

Offsite authority is generated by getting other people to add a link to your website on their own site.

But you need lots of high quality sites to do this for you, and how can you get that naturally without already being successful?

Offsite SEO Services

Our Offsite SEO Services are there to fill the gap. Our partners trawl the internet to find any sites they can get you a quality link from. Its long and hard hours that get us the sites we need – sometimes they will be high quality and high authority, other times low quality and still high authority.

Below are the offsite SEO services we offer our clients from least authority to most authority.

Press Release SEO Services

A Press Release package is where we have a simple press release written about your business and send it to our partners in the USA to be offered as extra content to the news outlets. They need this content to keep their word count up – otherwise they will lose their status as ‘media websites’. We often get 200 – 300 sites take our Press Releases and publish them, this gives links to our clients website which give good value and help link diversity.

Local Citation SEO Services

A Citation (Local SEO) is where we list your business on a business directory. The key to this is listing the same [Name, Address & Phone Number] on every site without any variance. The more of these we do the better. We also list them in social media and other areas. When the search engines see this constant mentioning of your business and the information always being the same it strengthens your local authority with the google maps listings.

Web 2.0 SEO Services

Web 2.0 backlinking SEO services still work. We start with a group of web2.0 properties, these are free websites or blogs on very high authority domain names. We write content on them and then add backlinks to your website. This is powerful because the main sites we are publishing on are high authority, we then create second level backlinks from others pointing to the web 2.0 properties to give them a boost and so on. There are 3-4 levels involved in this strategy and it gets quite confusing, however as long as the content we put up is ok quality it works well.

Authority Linking SEO Services

Authority links are links we manage to obtain from the footer or sidebar of a website with high authority. Our Authority links are usually a mixture between domain authority 10 to 40. This gives a natural looking link profile for the search engines to find and in turn makes your site look more popular and increases the authority. These links are simple and don’t come with any content so they are authority boosters only.

Guest Posting SEO Services

Guest Posting is by far the most powerful of all, this is where we write an article based on the search phrases you wish to rank for, it is alway a minimum of 1000 words. The article must be relevant to your industry. We then find a blog which has been set up that is also relevant to your industry and what you do. We publish that article on the blog with a link back to your business introducing you are the expert on the subject matter. This passes on immense amounts of authority and is the most expensive way of getting really fast authority growth that will stay. You must be careful as to which websites you guest blog on though, there are many website owners that will delete your blog links after a certain amount of time even though they promised they would be there forever.

Sourcing the right links

There is no end to SEO people from all over the world hammering peoples telephones, email addresses and website forms trying to peddle their SEO backlinks.

But buyer beware.

Many of those in the poorer nations will provide you a great backlink only to delete it in the future, or make it s nofollow link. The nofollow links do not pass on any domain authority and are mostly useless if you are trying to grow your industry dominance.

Then there are those on fiverr who will sell you cheap SEO services. They will wow you with massive amounts of backlinks they can get you – but whilst that is happening they don’t tell you they are using automated systems which will eventually get devalued and may even get you into trouble with the search engines! Don’t get scammed, I have done extensive testing of these types of backlinking methods and they end up being worth about as much as salt that isn’t salty anymore.

Managed SEO Services

So what makes our SEO Services different?

We are supplied by reputable suppliers, who have taken us years to make strong relationships with. Our suppliers ensure quality is high and cost is as low as possible. We provide our clients with SEO services and have total confidence in going forward. We monitor the results month in and month out.

Contact us today on 1800 931 000 and let’s start talking about what we can do toy get your sales lead count growing toward the highest level of capacity – OVERSUBSCRIBED.