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Content Writing Builds Authority

Constant Content Writing is a Game Changer

Content Writing is the key to quality search engine optimisation and the name of the game is increasing your Domain Authority (DA). Increasing Domain Authority shows a legitimacy or an authority in your field and it is what will bring regular visitors to your website.

But how does a website prove its worthiness and thus build its authority? That is like asking: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Does a website gain rank because of its authority on a subject or does it prove its authority on a subject by making it to the top of the search results?
Content writing (or Writing websites) is an art, but with the right advice you can write your own content or employ an article re-writer to rewrite a popular blog on a competitors website.

Here is how content writing consistently will allow you to prove your authority on a subject while increasing your Domain Authority in the search results.

Building Credibility Takes Time

Building your Domain Authority will in turn lift the Search Engine Ranking Position for all of the keywords on your website in all of the different search engines. Scott Nailon

Anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. Building trust and positioning yourself as an authority does not happen over night. It requires time, effort and consistency. In order to build your credibility you must offer information that people are looking for, you must make it easy for them to find and you must make it easy for them to digest. And, if you want to give your credibility a boost, you must get other people to endorse you.

Write Great Content

Content writing, as with any product, is only as good as it is useful. Rich, informative content is the foundation of any good website. You can have a lot of content on your site, but if it is all junk, no one will want it. In order to make your site worthwhile to a searcher, you must answer the questions that they are asking. Providing rich and informative content will prove your authority on a subject. When searchers find that what you have to say is useful, they will be more likely to come back to you again in the future. 

Make Your Content Easy to Digest

When people come to your website for information, a quick glance is all it will take to tell them whether or not your page is worth their time. That means you only have a moment to get their attention. The way to keep them around is to give them an idea, at a glance, what your article is about and how easy the information will be to find. If your article is presented as a solid block of text, the reader is likely to find it daunting. But, if you break the text up with eye catching subject headers and lists, they are more likely to stick around.

Make Your Page Easy to Find With Key Words

When people have a question, they often hit the internet. They begin their web search by typing a question or key phrase into the search bar that they hope will lead them to the information they seek. If your content contains these key phrases, the search engine is more likely to send those searchers to your site. It is in your best interest to do key word research before adding new content to your site, so that you can make it attractive to seekers. This is often called SEO Copywriting.

Long-tail keywords

When using keyword phrases, the more specific you can be, the better. The more general the phrase you use, the more competition you will have. The more competition you have, the harder it will be to get noticed. But the more specific your keyword phrase, the less competition you will have. For example, if you are writing about hats, you are going to have a lot of competition. There are probably a billion articles and websites about hats. If, however, your article featured “antique baby bonnets,” for example, you have just reduced your competition significantly. And, if you extend that key word phrase out a bit more to “antique wool knit baby bonnets,” that is called a long-tail keyword phrase and you have probably just nabbed the corner market for people seeking information on that particular topic. Using the long tail keyword method in your content writing is a must.

Build Backlinks

On the internet, anyone can claim to be an expert, that does not make it so. But, if enough people endorse you, then you look far more credible. One way to receive endorsement in the eyes of the search engine is by getting other sites to link to yours.

Who Do You Trust?

When you want to know if a restaurant or a movie is worth your time, you will seek reviews and endorsements to help you make those decisions. And if you think about it, you rank those endorsements differently. A trusted friend, for example, is likely to carry the highest rank because that person knows you and is likely to give you the best recommendations based on your preferences. An expert– in this case a film or restaurant critic– may carry the next highest value. Third on your list is likely to be the popular vote: if enough people like it, it is probably worth checking out. Finally, the wrong sorts of endorsements may sway you, although it will be in the opposite direction.

What Does This Look Like On The Internet?

If niche sites or very local business sites offer their recommendations, that is sort of like a good friend giving you his opinion. If an authoritative source such as the Michelin Guide, reviews a restaurant, then that review is worth considering. If enough people on a popular review site– such as Yelp– give it a thumbs up, that too, can indicate that the restaurant you are considering is worth your time. But, the search engines can also spot paid endorsements and junk sites pretty quickly. If you are associated with these, it can negatively affect your rank.

Invest Time in Content Writing Often

When building your credibility and thus your search engine ranking or Domain Authority, it is important to write content often. Updating your site regularly increases your onsite authority in the eyes of the search engines. It also gives you the opportunity to work on the other tips mentioned here on a regular basis. For example, the articles you write, the more long-tail keywords you are able to add to your site. If we go back to the example of hats and we say that your website is about hats, then you can write an article about “antique wool knit baby bonnets” and another about “the best silk top hats for black-tie galas.” You can keep adding very specific content every time you write an article and it will be a new opportunity to draw in searchers.

Just as every website article is a new chance to build your audience, it is also a new chance to build quality backlinks. Each backlink may not take people to your home page, but to the article. But if the article is on your site, then when someone visits your article through a link from another site, then they have the chance to visit your site. The more visitors, the better for your ranking. But once you get visitors there, you should make sure that the visit has been worth their time. That is why it is important to provide good content.

Building your position as an authority will increase your ranking. High quality content writing which is informative and regular is the best way to do both. The more content writing you do, the more opportunity you have to incorporate good practices into your content writing. And, the more you write, the more chance you have of building your audience, your ranking and your credibility.

Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

I have often heard it said in the ranks of my fellow “Key Person of Influence” Alumni that if we want to boost authority we can either focus on being perfect or prolific. 

  • If you focus on Perfection with your content writing you will write 1000 words a month
    (5 times until you have the perfect article!)
  • If you focus on being prolific with your content writing you will write 5 blogs posts of 1000 words.
    (If your like me maybe even more!)

At the end of the day you will find that the person who is putting a regular 5000 words on their blog will out rank the person putting 1000 words on theirs – as long as the content is quality.

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