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Leveraging Google My Business Posts

Google My Business: Understanding the Significance of Google Posts

Google My Business has become an important element for modern businesses, especially young companies. This platform has helped business owners without extensive understanding of search engine optimization gain some advantage from online searches. In simple terms, local businesses can be found conveniently through Google by using My Business, even without investing in advanced websites. The Concept of Google My Business is quite simple.

In general, the platform allows a business or young company to create an account through Google. Through this account, the owner can manage the aspects of their commercial operations connected to the search engine. For example, if you have this profile, you can manage the appearance of your company on the search result pages. You can also add crucial information about your commercial setup, including your business hours, company name and location.

Recently, Google has further advanced the My Business platform in order to make it more beneficial to the users. The improvement comes in form of a new feature commonly known as Google Posts. This new element promises to help young businesses draw more attention to their company and brands. Also, it could increase the visibility of company through online searches when used correctly. On the other hand, numerous entrepreneurs are skeptical and wonder whether this feature is worth it.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts can be defined as a specialty feature which allows users to create content directly on Google. The content will appear when people search for the business name and the posts are often highly ranked. Officially, this feature is not called Google Posts. However, the term is accepted in SEO due to the general language used in the My Business platform.

Creating Google Posts on My Business

The process of creating post on Google is quite simple in concept. Therefore, even a business owner who is not extensively tech savvy can execute it. You can create post through your computer or smart device. Simply, log into your Google My Business account and go to the Dashboard. On the left hand side of the screen, you will see the Posts section. Select this and then choose the option to create a new post for your business.

The Creative Options Available for Google Posts

There are numerous creative options which you can utilize when creating a Google post in your My Business account. The most obvious ways in which you can take advantage of the Posts feature include:-

  • Announcing your business promotions or the special items on sale or offer in your company.
  • Highlighting the products which you would like customers to view with ease. These can include popular products or new merchandise.
  • Increasing visibility for a business event that you are planning.
  • Posts can also be used to make direct sales or encourage customers to sign up.

You should note that the potential of Google Posts is not limited to these simple tasks. You can customize your posts in any way you want to achieve a specific effect. For example, when you create a post you can include images and special descriptive content for the post. You can also easily add a call-to-action button by choosing from the range of choices, including Get Offer, Reserve, Buy and Sign Up. These posts will be seen when people search for your business on general search or even on Google Maps.

Google Posts: Hit or Miss

Google Posts is a relatively new feature in the ever expanding online world. Therefore, one cannot accurately know the potential benefits while it is in this early stage. While the element promises to increase visibility, this advantage cannot be precisely calculated. Moreover, the limitations of the feature in business promotion still remain unknown.

On the other hand, Posts is a simple and straightforward feature in the My Business account. The effort and time required to generate a post is minimal. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by trying out the feature. You should consider using Google Posts to promote your business events and new products. A short post could earn you some leads or even a few customers.

Simple Guidelines on Using Google Posts

If you are planning on using Google Posts to promote your business, here are some simple guidelines to help you get the best results.

Control Your Promotional Language

When posting on Google My Business, you should be careful about using extremely promotional language. You are not allowed to use sales-y language that can be construed as a spam advertisement. If you use gimmicky language in your posts, your posts might be removed by Google. Therefore, create useful content that informs customers about the important issues in your business.

Provide Detailed Information

You should provide extensive information on your products, events or business when creating a Google Post. This will make the content appealing to both readers and search engines. There are multiple fields that Google has created for users. Fill these with relevant material. You should also create an attractive post title and add some good images.

Watch Your Timing

Google Posts are useful when dealing with issues which are time-sensitive. These can include promotions, commercial events and special offers. You should consider your timing when creating the post to ensure that customers get the message in time. In addition, delete or edit the posts once the time sensitive issue is over.

Personalize Your Posts

You should ensure that your posts have a personal touch. This will appeal to the audience, especially if you are targeting a local audience. References to the local region, regional news and local humour can attract more customers. Also, make sure that the posts are professional, well-formatted and free from common errors.

Finally, you should optimize your Google Post content for various topics and keywords. This option will complement your existing SEO strategy for your business. 

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