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backlink seo strategy

An Eternal Backlink SEO Strategy

Backlink SEO Strategy

A Backlink SEO Strategy is important. If you are trying to win at long-term search engine optimisation, the best way to go about it is to use backlinking practices that appeal to search engines like Google. A strategy that replicates the way content goes viral is the best place to start because the traffic it generates can kick start your SEO. It can also gain your site the attention it needs to build high quality backlinks which further increases your standing as an authority. Here is a strategy for making your content viral and thus making your backlinking SEO strategy self-perpetuating.

The Importance of Backlinking

Backlinking occurs when another site links to your content. Backlinks are necessary for driving traffic to your content and thus your site. High-quality backlinks from authoritative sites help to establish your credibility and can build your own standing as an authority. There are many different methods for building backlinks. Gaining quality backlinks is vital, however. Getting your content to go viral will gain it the attention necessary to build not just backlinks, but those coveted quality backlinks. When you are prepared to ride the wave, you can use that five minutes of fame to not only build links during the initial burst of attention, but you can use it to build an evergreen strategy that will keep backlinks coming. Its important to have a backlink seo strategy!

Going Viral

Going viral is a way to bring attention to yourself by creating a piece of content that becomes incredibly popular very quickly. It means that your piece of content is being widely read and shared. Reading and sharing your content can lead to two things. First, it will likely rise in search engine result pages, taking your content up near number one. It can also bring some traffic to your side by peaking people’s interest. Going viral can give you your five minutes of fame, but with a little preparation, you will know how to ride the wave.

Why Google Likes It

One of Google’s primary goals is to share the freshest and most authoritative content. To that end, Google loves when something goes viral. When something is viral that equates into being popular and relevant. In the information age, information can become obsolete quickly. Having the crowd offers its approval means being better able to determine what is relevant and what is most likely to be obsolete.

How to replicate the process

When something goes viral on the internet, it usually happens pretty quickly and may be difficult to say exactly where the fire started. At some point, someone creates interesting content. The content gets noticed by an influencer. Then, the content in question is shared among top-tier sites that rank high as authorities and influencers. This trickles down to smaller blogs and websites and is shared on social media. Once it makes the rounds, it sort of dies down. That does not have to be the case, however. With a little tending, good content can be evergreen. It can remain both popular and relevant. You can replicate the backlink seo strategy from any other site,

Breaking Down The Process

Understanding the general process by which content becomes viral is useful. It can help you to reverse engineer the process so that you can replicate it. It may even help you to develop ideas for improving the replication process. Here are the steps for replicating the viral process with your own content.

  • Start with Your Website. Consider what keywords and keyword phrases you would like to build rank for. The articles you want to rank for should have pretty broad keyword phrases. It is a good idea at this point to do some keyword research to help you choose good keyword phrases. Later, you will use more targeted content to send searchers to the articles you are trying to make viral.

  • Create Great Content for Your Keyword Phrases. You have probably heard from more than one source that writing great content is the key to good SEO. In this case, it is especially important. These are going to be your “go to” articles. They should be lengthy articles. And because lengthy articles can be difficult to get through, you should break up the content with subheadings. This makes the content easier to digest. They should also be the best written and most informative content on your site because these are the articles that are going to help establish you as an authority. If people are going to link back to this content, you must provide them with something worth linking back to.

  • Share Your Custom Content on Authority Sites. Share your awesome content on a high ranking authority like WordPress or Tumbler where people will take notice of it. Once an influencer takes notice of it, they share it on their blog or website.

  • Your Content Gets Shared. Influencers are so named because they tend to have a big following. Many people subscribe to their website to receive fresh content. When the influencer shares your content, the influencers’ followers are likely to do the same. Your content goes viral in one fell swoop as the followers’ followers receive and then share the content through social media, in their profiles and on their own smaller blogs.

  • Create a Slow Drip. The initial burst of activity takes place pretty rapidly. But in order to capitalize on the success of your viral content, you must keep it popular. One of the best ways to do this is to create more award-winning content for your site. Build future posts around long-tailed keyword phrases. Then, use those posts to direct people back to your earlier viral content. The consistent traffic will tell the search engine that the content is still fresh and relevant. It is also a good idea to revisit your viral content often and update it as a further way to reinforce its relevance in the search engine’s eyes.

Going viral can bring attention to your site that can increase its ranking in the search engine. The backlinks generated in that window of opportunity can drive traffic to your site. Maintaining your content after the initial burst of attention is what will keep people coming back for more and linking to your content. It is not important for all of your content to go viral. As long as you have specifically selected content to go viral, and you build your strategy carefully, you can ride the wave for a long time to come. A good Backlink SEO Strategy will help your site go viral.

What is SEO

What is SEO

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