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Make a Blog

Why you should Make a Blog

Why you should Make a Blog

Make a blog: Every website should make a blog and write in it regularly – it will grow your Onsite Authority. Linking from that blog article to others on your site will then increase the authority of the other articles and linking to authority sources on the internet will show the search engines that you are giving out quality information about sites which the search engines already trust. In order to write a regular blog you will first need to make a blog area on your website! Blogging is a very large part of our SEO Strategy at Managed SEO.

If you want search engine authority – make a blog!

If you are planning on advancing your online marketing strategy, you should make a blog for your company. Recently, more businesses have built websites for their commercial operations.  These businesses have also established social networking accounts to increase their online reach. 
However, only a few of these companies are involved in regular blogging. This poor practice can be attributed to the fact that most people do not understand the significance of business blogging.
Business blogging can be defined as the practice of generating short-form content and posting the material on a commercial website.
The articles produced for this type of marketing plan are focussed on the subject matter associated with the particular business. In general, blogging can be a valuable marketing tactic with the ability to enhance your inbound marketing efforts.
However, if you are uncertain whether blogging is worthwhile for your business or not, consider this detailed discussion on the potential benefits.  

Make a Blog and Drive More Traffic to Your Website 

If you have built a business website, you want to have more online visitors. Unfortunately, there are limited techniques through which your site can be found with ease.

Direct Access

Potential visitors can type in your web address into their browsers and find your pages. However, these are individuals who already know your business and already perform transactions with you. They do not contribute to an increase in your traffic.  

Email Lists

You can acquire email lists from online vendors and broadcast marketing messages to the addresses. The hope is that there will be some people willing to open the message and visit the link. However, you should note that that email lists purchase is an expensive and illegal practice.  

Paid Ads

Paid online advertising is useful for drawing in more visitors. However, this is a costly method of increasing website traffic in the long-term because. If you run out of advertising capital, your traffic will decrease significantly.  

How Can You Gain More Traffic through Blogging?

If you want to increase the traffic to your website without high long-term costs, you should be prepared to earn it naturally through search engines and social media. Ideally, you can gain visitors by sharing your site blog links on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google accounts.
Also, people should be able to find your pages by searching Google for relevant keywords. However, these options are limited if there is insufficient website content.   
In simple terms, your business site has only a few pages. So, you cannot keep sharing these limited links indefinitely on social media. This action will be seen as spamming, and people will not be interested in the repetitive content.
After all, you cannot keep updating basic pages such as About Us or Services. You should also remember that you can only target a few keywords and topics with your limited web pages. Therefore, your website will not be easy to find through search engines.  
Blogging can help you resolve these issues and increase your website traffic naturally. In general, when you create content and post on your company blog, you will have a new indexed page which should be written with keywords in mind whilst keeping a high quality of useful information for your site visitor.
This page will be ‘findable’ by search engines for the particular topic and keywords covered. In essence, the content will optimise your website for search engines. If a user looks for information related to your subject of interest, your website will be in the search engine results page. Also, as you add content to your blog, Google and other engines will elevate your results ranking because of the constant activity.   
Your business blog can also help draw in more traffic from social media. Your online accounts manager can share the fresh content on different platforms. Instead of repetitive web page links, you will have new material which will attract new audiences. Also, the content can help you build a solid reputation on social platforms, strengthening your online reach. If you have been struggling with search engine ranking, poor social following and little website traffic, blogging can help you resolve the problems.  

Make a Blog and Start Converting Traffic to Sales Leads

Make a blog, it will be a useful tool for converting your website traffic into sales leads for your business. And, every new post presents an opportunity to gain a potential customer. Fortunately, the process through which you turn your casual visitors into leads is not complicated.
You will only need to have a call-to-action feature with lead-generating capabilities added to the posts.  The most effective call-to-action is one which offers a content asset in exchange for information. For example, you can provide your website visitors with a free eBook, trial membership, webinar or white papers in exchange for their information.
Once they fill in their data, they will receive their free offer, and you will have your business lead.  For the best results, make sure to add an attractive call-to-action to all your blogs. All your readers will not convert, but you are guaranteed to get some visitors every month with a genuine interest in your business. 

Make a Blog and Establishing Business Authority

No one wants to perform transactions with a business that does not understand their industry. Therefore, if you want to gain more customers, you must show that you know the intricacies of your field of interest. You must establish your company as a figure of authority. While the benefits are not as tangible as generating leads or increasing the traffic, the impact is not insignificant.   
Currently, most customers will perform some research online on products and services before purchasing. If they find an educational company blog which provides actionable information, they will be more confident in the offered products. They will not see the company as a profit-driven sales platform but as a source of expertise.   
Here are the different ways in which you can profit by creating educational content designed to establish your company as an authority:  
  • If online visitors can find valuable information related to their needs on your website, they will be more inclined to trust you. After all, when you provide such content, you do not gain profit directly. Therefore, they will also trust your business through the sales process.  
  • When potential customers engage with your salespeople online, they can be redirected to a blog archive with relevant information. This action will accelerate the sales process because the sales team will not have to explain everything from scratch.  
  • The prospects that begin the sales process after reading your material will be educated about your products or services. They will know what to expect. So, you will have a more fruitful sales conversation. In most cases, the transaction will be completed.  

Make a Blog and Drive Long-term Online Results

Blogging is an ideal marketing practice because the content will drive long-term results. Simply speaking, when you write an article for your blog, the content will be indexed by search engines. Therefore, it will be discoverable when people search for relevant topics and keywords. Even if months or years pass, you will still be able to gain traffic and leads from old blog posts.  
When you publish an article, it might not get thousands of views immediately. Moreover, you generated leads will be few.
However, the post will gain momentum as people share it online or the information becomes relevant. Therefore, the traffic that you will gain in the future might be as a result of an old post. This trend makes blogging beneficial in comparison to relying on ads or sending email blasts. You should note that the long-term effect does not work for all blog posts. So, it is important to have some evergreen posts which will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.   

Additional Benefits of Blogging

There are other benefits of blogging that are not as prominent as the ones outlined above. Blogs are perfect for testing out the public’s response to new campaign, products, offers and business changes. They are also valuable for communicating the occurrences in the company such as events or awards. Finally, blogs will help potential and current customers understand the personality, beliefs and practices of your business better.

How to build the authority of your blog articles

Once you have written a great blog piece you need to ensure it has authority in the eyes of the search engines. The way we do this is ensuring two powerful metrics. 
The first is the quality and quantity of your content, if its too short or totally boring you wont get a confidence vote from your reader or the search engines. 
The second is links to your content, these links are proof to the search engines that you are popular and this in turn gives you a lot high chance of getting a front page ranking!

Ensure the article is over 1000 words

Recent testing has showed that articles over 1000 words get much more authority than those who have less. 
In saying that I would caution you that your words need to be worth reading – search engines know good content from fluff.
Make sure that the visitor to your site finds the information they are looking for right away and stays to read the information you are giving, the search engines monitor the traffic they send you and if a majority of visitors leave fast – that will affect your page authority long term.

Get other quality sites in your niche to link to you

The secret sauce of great search engine performance is ensuring high quality links to your content from other website in your niche. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a great way to get backlinks. You write a summary article about your recent blog post, insert links to the original and some other relevant pages on your site and submit it to another blog site. Finding these sites is the hard part. How ever we have a massive network of websites who publish blogs on our behalf so you wont have to do much at all if you work with us!

Authority Linking

Obtaining Authority Links is the art of obtaining links from high authority domain names back to your blog posts.
Again, finding the right sites and creating relationship with the owners of those sites is the hard part (we should know – it took us years) – but its well worth getting authority links!

Standard SEO backlinking

Standard SEO backlinking is the art of writing a heap of articles, creating a lot of inbound links and using those sites to boost each other. Their authority will grow and then in turn the links from those sites you your content will be highly valuable to you.
In conclusion, if you want to rank in search engines in 2017 and beyond you need to make a blog. You also need to add high quality content to it regularly and then do the same with backlinking. The results of this discipline will become evident over the ensuing 12 months – your domain authority will climb and so with your search engine rankings if you have done the correct SEO Planning before hand. With Managed SEO Sydney you are in great hands, we can manage your whole SEO campaign, communicate with you when you need us and celebrate with you as your business website climbs toward the front page of the search engines for the right search phrases!

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