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Google Medic Update

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Google Medic Update

Anyone that follows the search engine optimisation game knows that Google is always changing.  The Google algorithm Change History is never stagnant for long.  On the first of August, Google put out one of its most significant updates in a bit.  It has the nickname of the Medic Update.  How exactly did this update impact the Google algorithm?  What impact has it had on websites and their search engine rankings?  Let us dig a bit deeper to get more details.

The High-Level View

The high-level view is what we know from Google so far.  The Medic Update is a global update, one that is broad and will span the search engine in its entirety.  The most significant focal point of this Google algorithm update, though, is to hone in on sites that are in the health and medical space.  Sites that also focus on financial planning have a focus.  Google calls these Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) sites.  These have an impact on the physical, economic, as well as safety and overall well-being of individual readers.

The Medic Update is a focus to deliver more quality content to readers, bring forth value they want in the pages they read.  Google is always about protecting the user, and the Medic Update is an example of them trying to do just that.

The goal is to give users a better experience with search engine results.  Though with no apparent reason as to why some websites have seen rises in search engine rankings, and some have seen a drop as a result of the change.

How to Fix Your Site

The tricky thing with the Medic Update is that no one knows how to react to it correctly.  Google has said there is no fix to your site that would get your place in the search engine rankings back.  The goal for site owners is to make a great overall experience, as well as deliver more valuable content.

Every site has will potentially see an impact from the Medic Update.  With it being “global” no one is really off limits.  Based on analysis by experts, as stated, medical and health niche sites, along with Your Money or Your Life sites see the biggest hit.

Reacting to the Medic Update

The best way to react to the Medic Update is to continue to optimise your site for the user.  You do not want to try optimising for Google.  Instead, make the experience the best it can be for the user.  Make it easy for them to get to the content that they want when they want.  Be sure that the content is authoritative, has value for the independent reader.  Since the roll-out of the Medic Update, if you have seen your site drop in the rankings, it is likely due to a multitude of reasons.  You cannot just tweak one page and get back to normal.  Your site may be fine; it could just be that Google was ignoring other high-quality sites and has since made a correction on that.

Google never stops with the algorithm updates.  The global roll-out of the Medic Update is a prime example of its continuous improvement strategy.  Google always wants to deliver value and does that with each of the releases it makes to the search engine.  As a site in the health, medical, and Your Life or Your Money spaces, see where you stand today versus a month ago.  If you have seen gains, continue delivering high-quality content.  If a drop takes place, do not overreact, go back to ensure the user experience is the best it can be.