SEO Audit Questionaire

seo consultant sydneyHi there, my name is Scott Nailon, and I will be your Personal SEO Manager!

In order to do our job well we will need to ask some rather personal quesitons about what you do.

Please do your best to fill in as much detail as you can so that we can do a great job on your audit, the information you five us here will also be used in the Strategic Planning phase of your SEO if you move forward with us.

SEO Audit

  • Identification

  • About Your Business

  • Please list your products / services and or categories. This will help us pin point your needs more clearly. Surface Level points are fine.
  • In order to track the return on investment we are providing you we need to work out how many leads you need to recover the money you spend with us. Supplying us with the rough dollar value of what a lead is worth helps us immensely!

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