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Online Authority

  • Current Domain Authority: 40
  • Desired Domain Authority: 60+

Domain Authority Explained:


Your strongest competitors are between 60 – 90 domain authority. In order to dominate this niche we need to be above them by at least +10 and have a lot of content regularly.

There are many different keyword niches we can work on for you, each with different competitors. Some will be easier than others, geographical searches are a wise aim also.

Current Search Engine Rankings

Please click on the sheet below. You will find information on your Current Rankings + the websites who have linked to yours.


Current ranking terms are nothing commercial. There is ranking for various terms such as binary world, which gets 70 searches per month – however these search terms are not going to bring clients in on purpose. A Ranking Strategy is needed.

Quality of OnPage SEO

Your Page Speed scores a 48% – it should be at 70% or more.

(Read more about page speed here:

What this means in real terms is that Google’s tests show that your site loads in 13.3 seconds and the front page download amount for it to load is 2.25MB.

The images need to be optimised as well as other more technical work. This can be done for your current site or should be kept in mind when building a new one.

Backlinking Profile

You have around 3100 backlinks from 325 domain names.

The Anchor Text being used is general and non-topical.

“Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text be relevant to the page you’re linking to, rather than generic text. The blue, underlined anchor text is the most common as it is the web standard, although it is possible to change the colour and underlining through html code.”

Many of your backlinking is from domains in your niche – this is a great thing as it gives you strong authority in the entrepreneur niche within the search engines.

The next step is to replan the website rankings and the get more of the same backlinking.

Backlinking to the home page can start any time and at any level – this will not affect anything nor will it be affected by anything. Once we put the right OnPage SEO in place things will rise fast.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

This simply means ensuring your website engages and prompts your prospects to take action once they have arrived on your site. Poor on-page design can affect the resulting leads driven by traffic.

In SEO our job is to ensure that your website gets lots of exposure, however we cannot guarantee those visitors will convert to clients. This process is called conversion rate optimisation and should be done by a web marketer with considerable experience and results.

Things you should be thinking are:

  1. What do you want your visitor to do on your website?
  2. What do the headings on your site ask your visitors to do?
  3. How many times do you have a CTA (Call To Action)?
  4. How graphically engaging is your website?
  5. Does your website design and content build trust?

* For more information on how to maximise your website conversion rates, we do recommend consulting one of our partners.

Whats Next?

Next we will map out the menus of your new website, work on keyword phrases we want to rank each page for and suggest urls to match.

The Managed SEO Roadmap

The following information will guide what we would do in regards to your website SEO.

Pricing is very much our retail price points, however you may be able to obtain cheaper pricing if you are on one of our special plans.

STEP 2Strategic SEO Planning

The next phase is Strategic Planning. This is of paramount importance if you want any chance of hitting your ranking goals.After all, you need to know what the targets are before you take aim!

This product is a part of our Autopilot Package. We do not sell it separately.

This usually takes 5 – 10 business days approx.

Website SEO Plan

We create a working document which records your website pages, we research each page and work out which keywords are being searched by consumers and how many times per month.

We make suggestions about changes to URLs and Headings on pages in order to maximise your possibility of being found. We will also record any important keyword phrases we find for later use.

We then present your web admin with a simple report outlining which pages should be optimised for which search phrases, this can be implemented as onsite SEO by your web developer.

This document is used by our inhouse SEO experts to manage your ongoing SEO campaign. It is never accessible by clients or partners.

Constant Content Plan

We work with all of the keywords from your Website SEO plan in order to compile a list of articles which should be written and published over 12 months. This plan is created in alignment with your marketing budget and your SEO targets. The end result of this is a 12 month plan with briefs for which articles are to be written and what they will be about. You can choose to write them yourself or invest in our writing services. Once Completed this plan is a powerful tool, you will receive a simple report on it if needed.

STEP 3 – OnPage Optimisation

Onpage/Onsite Optimisation costs between $99 – $165 per page.
This usually takes from 30 – 60 minutes per page approx.

Onpage SEO

This is the implementation of your Website SEO Plan, it is extremely important to do this right. Having poor onpage seo is the same as going to a business networking meeting dressed like and smelling like you live on the streets – you just won’t be taken seriously.

Depending on the technology your website is sitting on we may offer to implement your onpage seo plan, most of the time we focus our onpage work on WordPress websites. However we look at each case and will sometimes refer you back to your web developer (or to a new one we know does the job well if needed).

Global Site SEO

Global Site SEO is important, its the art of tuning your website to align itself with the search engines rules regarding what constitutes a good website. This involves optimising images, ensure the page speed is strong and fix any broken links. We can send a report on what needs fixing in detail or work with your web designer to ensure it is correctly done.

STEP 4 – Constant Content

Constant Content starts from $275 for a premium 500 word article.

It usually takes 7 – 10 working days to get that final result

Depending on your Constant Content Plan the price for writing the content will vary and must be custom quoted.

Your onsite Authority will be greatly improved by regular content being written for your blog. Our latest intel says that at least 1000 words per article will give that article authority – however if you want to be legendary you can take that up to 2500 words.

Why Constant Content?

The ‘onsite content’ is the quality content that google wants, its like fuel in the SEO world. The more you have the more powerful your site can be. The offsite authority is like the spark that sets it off. They work hand in hand together.

In order to write good quality content a writer really needs to know about your business and what you offer! Below is our Business Profile Service.

Business Profile

Our Business Profile product will benefit you by providing a detailed report on your business in detail. This is solid gold for any future content  writers, marketers or even those entering your business as team members.

Our Business Profile Service starts with pre-phone call research on your business, continues with a 45 Minute phone interview, follows through (after the call) to some research on your business market and results in a final report by our business researcher. You will need to clear the time for this call and have no distractions as it is a focused effort.

Business Profile Standard (45 Minute call + Standard Research)   $550

Business Profile Plus (1.5 Hour call + Significant Research)   $750

Onsite Blogging

  • Each Article focused on keywords + points to other pages on your website where possible.
  • Ensure there are some links to other blogs where useful to the reader.
  • Ensure some links out of the blog to authority websites like wikipedia etc

STEP 5 – Offsite Authority

Link Building takes 5 – 10 working days to complete depending on the order.

Depending on your audit we will make suggestions for ongoing inbound link building from authority websites in your niche around the world. If we see somewhere you can get a free link we will tell you and let you go after it!

Authority Links

These are links from a website with a high domain authority direct to your front page.

These links are blended for more of a natural look. You will get 20% with Domain Authority 15-20, 60% with Domain Authority 20-30 and 20% Domain with Authority 30+!

Press Release

A press release is written by our writers, approved by you and then sent out to all of the media related sites around the net. We then receive a report which can be sent out to you if required.

  • Running a press release will give us natural press links.
  • These will give a nice boost to domain authority from known news sites.
  • This will also give us a good start in backlink ‘anchor’ diversity.

Guest Posting

These guest posts will give fantastic authority to the site and the categories. The quality (1000 words) of niche compatible content with a link back to your site will give awesome authority.

Guest Posting is one of the most powerful linking products due to the structure of what you are getting. The post is 1000+ words, it is on a website in your desired niche, the website is also high authority and there is a link back to your site to pass on authority.

SEO Backlinking

We build a network of mini sites with content on them, which will give more authority and link diversity.

It is important to make the off-site backlinking look more organic and natural. We do this by creating small microsites on web 2.0 platforms, adding content to them and linking to your site from that content. We then run links into those web 2.0 properties to boost each of their domain authority, this passes through to your site with an increase in authority and a higher link count.

Managed SEO Vault Links

These private Vault Links are our most expensive backlinks.

These links Start at Domain Authority 50 @ $900 and can go much higher.

Once you have other links (see above) these will be on offer to you to boost the power of your website domain authority.

Managed SEO – Autopilot

Our Autopilot plans are for those who know their budget and what they want from it.

An Autopilot client has the luxury of depending on Managed SEO to manage their SEO, watch their rankings and regularly adjust the SEO campaign to give the most ranking improvement possible.

We start with our SEO planning product, this gives us the ability to ensure your foundations are correct.

We then move on to your onsite SEO changes, either our team or your current developer will look after the changes needed to ensure the happiness of the search engines.

Finally we invest your monthly budget into the right areas to get you the best return on investment and push forward to get more of your keywords on the front page of Google!

Autopilot cannot be used in conjunction with the below VIP memberships.

VIP Memberships

VIP Memberships are a service we offer our self managed SEO clients.

Our clients who manage their own SEO spend, choosing what they wish to buy every month, need similar reporting to those who are signing up for Autopilot Services.

This membership is designed for those who like to create their own strategy, self manage their SEO and still want reporting and rank tracking.