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Google Webmaster Tools Warnings

It does not take much for you to get hit regarding your standings in the Google rankings.  Having an idea as to what the Webmaster Tool Warnings are all about, how they can impact you is essential.  The more explicit the understanding that you have, the easier it will be for you to manage the risk.

Usually, when you get a warning from Webmaster Tools, it is due to a variety of reasons.  The end result, though, is typically a drop in the rankings in Google.  You are also going to experience a loss in traffic as well.  If you have had a site that has been impacted by the links warning, you know you have to take steps to remediate the issue immediately.  This includes getting rid of the unnatural link, as well as submitting the site for a reconsideration request.

Main Targets of the Warning

The Webmaster Tools warnings that were initially released by Google had a target that included many of the more extensive backlink networks out there.  These included sites such as AlgoRank, MyBlogGuest, among others.  If you have a site which had a fair amount of links from them, chances are you received one of the warnings from Google and took a hit in the rankings as a result.

The other primary target of the Webmaster Tools warning come merely from having too many exact match anchors on the site.

Get Back Up Again

Sites do have the ability to get back up again after receiving  Webmaster Tools warning.  The best tactic to take is to remediate the issue with the unnatural links.  You want to remove any and all of them.  Do a complete audit of the site as well to ensure the links no longer exist.

If you have domains which you could not remove any links from, what you are going to want to do is disavow them entirely.  Submit what is known as a disavow file for all of these domains to Google, letting them know you could not get rid of the links from those sites.

Finally, you are going to want to request to be reconsidered by the Google search engine.

If you have received an unnatural links warning, show Google that you have taken care of the problem.  Typically Google is going to review and reconsider everything that has been sent its way in a two to four week period.  Explicitly show Google in the consideration request, in a clear-cut manner, that you have fixed the warnings it alerted you to initially.  Doing this should help restore your site quickly.

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