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Writing Topic-Optimized Content

5 Simple Guidelines on Writing Topic-Optimized Content for Your Website

1. Personalize Your Content

When writing topic-optimized content for your website, you should use a professional tone. In simple terms, you should use a conversational tone that lets your potential customers know that you are talking to them. If possible, you should weave your brand story into the content to make it more appealing to readers.

2. Use a Persuasive Tone

While the emphasis of topical optimization is providing information, you should not forget that you are running a business.

Your objective for writing the content is to sell your industry authority, products or services. Therefore, use a persuasive tone which encourages people to choose your company. Your general coverage of the subject should be thorough enough for people to be convinced that you are the best in the business. In addition, your ‘sales pitch’ which answers transactional questions should be clear and humble.

To learn more  about doing a good sales pitch you can read all about it in ‘Key Person of Influence‘.

3. Utilize Bullet Points

Normally, content which is topically optimized is long and in-depth. If written as a single block, it will become overwhelming to handle.

Therefore, you should think about highlighting the most important points. These will allow people to view the content without strain and take it in in stages.

In addition, they will help the reader notice the most important points in your content, even if they do not read all the material.

4. Create Valuable Headlines

Headlines are valuable elements in content writing. They are critical in drawing in readers. Typically, when the results are displayed on the search engine, the user will skim over them. Their objective is to find the most appropriate headline before clicking.

If your topic is not catchy, you will lose traffic, even when your general content is compelling. Therefore, you should practice creativity when choosing your main headlines and subtopics. Where possible, you should incorporate a major keyword in the primary headline to increase the attraction.

5. Focus on Quality

Website owners know the importance of quality in content creation. However, this is an aspect which is often overlooked because the exact elements that constitute quality are not clear. Fortunately, this issue is not extensively complex; simple adjustment to your first draft can increase the quality of your work exponentially. The most important factor to consider is your grammar and spelling. Typically, users will understand your content even when there are mistakes.

However, this oversight can break the customers’ trust and expose you as someone who does not produce polished work. Also, find the most appropriate format for your work to ensure optimal readability.


Topical optimization is the perfect long-term marketing strategy for your business. While you might not experience its impact immediately, your growth will have a solid foundation. There are other methods that you could use to drive traffic to your website. However, these are likely to demand high financial input and the results will be short-term. With content optimization, you will be able to build a good reputation through your organic rank.

Moreover, your customers will be willing to trust you because you will be an authority figure. Therefore, practice consistency in creating content and employ good topical optimizing techniques for long-term success.

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